My love of art has been cultivated from childhood. Early on, I learned to appreciate the beauty of nature around me, and my skills were developed with the help of art encounters juxtaposed with some lessons. My grandmother taught me the basics of painting and gave me my first set of art supplies. My grandpa taught me both technique and timing for photography. My photography skills were further developed in high school, where I spent time learning to process film in the dark room and began capturing senior portraits for friends.

I’ve photographed portrait clients for more than a decade, capturing destination and local weddings, family portraits, headshots, maternity and newborn photos. I’ve been blessed with a devoted client base that has been developed through word of mouth.

I compose photographs as I would a painting. I use light, color and landscape to amplify and illuminate the beauty I see in my subjects. I hope that my photographs of life’s most precious moments evoke and inspire sentiments of joy, adventure, contentment and discovery.

My art is eclectic and inspired by God’s natural creation. I enjoy exploring with color and mixing the old with the new. I especially enjoy working with watercolors, acrylic, sculpture, and occasionally oil painting. I often incorporate used or old objects. My hope is for my art to encourage an appreciation of the beauty present in the new, old, the used, and the seemingly mundane.

My husband is Grant, my best friend and No. 1 supporter. I was an elementary and special education teacher for seven years, and I’m currently pursuing a Masters of Art in art therapy. I am an avid yogi, future art therapist, follower of Christ, nature explorer, a lover of the richness of cultures, traveling fanatic, and a lover of dreams and discovering what makes people come alive.